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Manufacture and supply fluorine lined valves and universal valves

Fluorine-lined stainless steel/cast steel national standard globe valve

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JUGAO fluorine lined globe valve opening and closing parts are plug shaped valve, sealing surface flat or cone, the valve along the centerline of the fluid in a straight line. Stem form of exercise, with lifting rod (stem down, the hand wheel does not lift), but also lift rotating rod (hand wheel and rotate with the stem down, the nut in the valve body).

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Basic structure of globe valve
1. Globe valve refers to the closing parts (disc) driven by the valve stem and along the center axis of the valve seat for lifting movement of the valve, in the pipeline is mainly used to connect or cut off the medium in the pipeline, but can not do throttling.
2. Fluorine plastic fully lined J41F46 straight-through type, J45F46 straight-flow type, J44F46 cutin type stop valve, has the advantages of compact structure, flexible opening and closing, strong corrosion resistance, short stroke (generally nominal diameter 1/4), is widely used in petroleum, chemical and other pipeline systems as truncation medium, But it should be emphasized that the fluorine plastic lined globe valve is strictly prohibited to be used as flow regulation, so as not to erode the sealing surface caused by high-speed medium flow at the throttle mouth.
3. The disc and stem are designed as one structure to prevent the possibility of internal parts rushing out of the valve body due to the pressure fluctuation of the pipeline, compact structure and safe use.

Product features

Fluorine valve has the following advantages:
1. Has the advantages of simple structure, convenient manufacture and repair.
2. Working stroke is small, open and close a short time.
3. Good sealing, the sealing surface between the friction force is small, longer life expectancy.
Fluorine valve defects are as follows:
1. Fluid resistance, force required to open and close the larger.
2. Do not apply with particles, viscosity, easy to medium coke.
3. Poor regulation performance.

Design standard GB/T12235 HG/T3704;
End-to-end dimension GB/T12221 ASME B16.10 HG/T3704 ;
Flange standard JB/T79 GB/T9113 HG/T20592 ASME B16.5/47 ;
Type of connection Flange connection
Inspection and testing GB/T13927 API598
Nominal Diameter 1/2"~14" DN15~DN350
Norminal pressure PN 0.6 ~ 1.6MPa 150Lb
Mode od driving manual, electric, pneumatic
Temperature Range PFA(-29℃~200℃) PTFE(-29℃~180℃) FEP(-29℃~150℃) GXPO(-10℃~80℃)
Applicable Medium Strong corrosive medium i.e. hydrochloric acid, Nitric acid, Hydrofluoric acid, Hydrofluoric acid, Liquid chlorine, Sulfuric Acid and Aqua regia etc.

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