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Manufacture and supply fluorine lined valves and universal valves

Fluorine-lined stainless steel/cast steel national standard ball valve

Short Description:

  • Design standard: HG/T3704 GB/T12237 API 608 AP16D
  • End-to-end dimension: GB/T12221 ASME B16.10 HG/T3704
  • Flange standard: JB/T79 GB/T9113 HG/T20592 ASME B16.5/47
  • Type of connection: Flange connection
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    Product Description


    Inspection and testing: GB/T13927 API598
    Nominal Diameter: 1/2"~14" DN15~DN350
    Norminal pressure: PN 0.6 ~ 1.6MPa 150Lb
    Mode od driving: manual, electric, pneumatic
    Temperature Range: PFA(-29℃~200℃) PTFE(-29℃~180℃) FEP(-29℃~150℃) GXPO(-10℃~80℃)
    Applicable Medium: Strong corrosive medium i.e. hydrochloric acid, Nitric acid, Hydrofluoric acid, Hydrofluoric acid, Liquid chlorine, Sulfuric Acid and Aqua regia etc.

    JUGAO fluorine lined ball valve is divided into two pieces and three pieces of two types of structure, with small fluid resistance, fast opening and closing speed, simple structure and so on. All products have passed a strict 100% test before leaving the factory, and all products can achieve zero leakage.

    Product features

    1. The round hole ball is used as the opening and closing parts, and the valve stem ball rotates around the center line of the valve body to realize the opening and closing of the valve.
    2. Compact and reasonable structure, minimum cavity space of valve body, reduce medium retention. Using special molding process, so that the sealing surface density is better, plus V PTFE packing combination, so that the valve to achieve zero leakage.
    3. The ball of the opening and closing parts and the valve stem are cast as one, to eliminate the possibility of the valve stem out of the bearing parts caused by pressure changes, and fundamentally ensure the safety of use in the project.
    4.PFA/FEP lining, with high chemical stability, can be applied to any other strong corrosive media except "molten alkali metal and element fluorine".
    5. Adopt full diameter, floating ball structure. Valves eliminate leaks throughout the pressure range for better ball sweeping and line maintenance.
    Professional design and spindle box fluorine lined ball valve control a variety of strong corrosive media, widely used in petroleum, chemical, pesticide, dye, acid and alkali manufacturing industries, is the most ideal anticorrosive valve.


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