Jugao Valve

Manufacture and supply fluorine lined valves and universal valves

Carbon steel national standard fluorine lined globe valve

Short Description:

Emergency Shutdown Valve (ESDV) controls process media flow and is responsible for isolating the supply of hazardous gasses and fluids within the pipeline in the event of an emergency. As a result, these valves provide more reliable performance than standard on-off valves.

Product Detail

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Product Description


Size from 2” to 48” (DN50-DN1200)
Pressure from 150LBS to 2500LBS (PN16-PN420)

Design / Manufacture as per the standards
API 6D; ASME B16.34; DIN 3357; EN 13709; GB/T12237; BS5351
Face to Face Length (Dimension) as per the standards
ASME B16.10; EN 558-1 Gr. 14 (DIN 3202-F4); DIN 3202-F5; DIN 3202-F7; BS5163
Flanged Dimension according to the standards
ASME B16.5; EN 1092-1; BS4504; DIN2501;
Flanged to ASME B16.5 (2” ~ 24”) and ASME B16.47 Series A / B (26” and above) Clamp / Hub ends on request.
Testing according to the standards
API 598; API 6D; EN 12266-1; EN 1074-1; ISO5208

Product features

Cast Steel, or Forged Steel
2 piece or 3 piece, Split body, Side Entry,
Tight Shut Off
Fire Safe
Manual and Automatic Release Options
Rugged Design
Customizable Configurations
Certified Safety Integrity Level (SIL) per IEC 61508
Capable of Both Local and Remote Partial Stroke Test
Full Open Position – Normal Operation
Full Closed Position – Emergency Situation
No operation disruptions
Eliminates need for bypass line
Improved SIL rating
Prevention and diagnoses potential problems
Even while testing, the valve will still shut if emergency signal received


General Cast Carbon Steel
A216 WCB (WCC, WCA), GP240GH (1.0619/GS-C25)
A105, C22.8/ P250GH (1.0460/1.0432)
Low Temperature Carbon Steel (LTCS), LCB (LCC, LCA), GS-CK25
ASTM A350 LF2, TStE355 / P355QH1 (1.0571/1.0566)
Alloy Steel:
A352 LC1/LC2/LC2-1/LC3/LC4/LC9/, A743 CA6NM
GS-CK16 GS-CK24 GS-10Ni6 GS-10ni14
ASTM A350 LF1/LF3/LF5/LF6/LF9/LF787
High Temperature Steel (Chrome Moly)/Alloy Steel:
A217 WC1/ WC6/ WC9/C5/C12/C12A,
GS-22Mo4/ G20Mo5 (1.5419); GS-17CrMo55/ G17CrMo5-5 (1.7357)
ASTM A182 F1, 15Mo3 16Mo3 (1.5415)
ASTM A182 F11, 13 CrMo 4 4/ 13CrMo4-5 (1.7335)
ASTM A182 F22, 10CrMo 9 10 / 11CrMo9-10 (1.7383/1.7380)
ASTM A182 F91, X10CrMoVNb9-1 (1.4903)
Austenitic Stainless Steel/Alloy Steel:
UNS S30400 (S30403) (S30409), A351 CF8/CF3/CF10
G-X6CrNi189/ GX5CrNi19-10(1.4308)
UNS S31600 (S31603) (S31609), A351 CF8M/CF3M/CF10M
GX5CrNiMo19-11-2/G-X6CrNiMo18.10 (1.4408)
UNS S34700 (S34709), A351 CF8C
AISI316Ti; X6CrNiNo17122/ X6CrNiMoTi17-12-2(1.4571)
ALLOY 20# / UNS N08020, A351 CN7M
ASTM A182 F304 X5CrNi1810/ X5CrNi18-10 (1.4301)
ASTM A182 F304L X2 CrNi 19 11 (1.4306)
ASTM A182 F316 X5CrNiMo 17 12 2 / X5CrNiMo17-12-2 (1.4401)
ASTM A182 F316L X2 CrNiMo 17 13 2 / X2CrNiMo17-12-2 (1.4404)
ASTM A182 F316 Ti X6 CrNiMoTi 17 12 2 / X6CrNiMoTi17-12-2 (1.4571)
ASTM A182 F321 X6 CrNiTi 18 10 /X6CrNiTi18-10 (1.4541)
ASTM A182 F347 X6CrNiNb1810/ X6CrNiTi18-10C (1.4550)
ASTM A182 F44 (6MO) (1.4547)
ASTM A182 F20*(ALLOY 20#)

Ferritic-Austenitic / Duplex / Super Duplex Stainless Steel:
UNS S31803 /S32205 (Duplex2205), A890/A995 GR.4A (J92205) /A351 CD3MN
UNS S32750 (Super Duplex2507), A890/A995 GR.5A / A351 CE8MN (CD4MCu)
UNS S32760, A890/A995 GR.6A (CD3MWCuN)
ASTM A182 F51, X2 CrNiMoN 22 5 3 / X2CrNiMoN22-5-3 (1.4462)
ASTM A182 F52, (1.4460)
ASTM A182 F53, X2CrNiMoCuN 25.6.3 (1.4410)
ASTM A182 F55, X2CrNiMoCuWN 25.7.4 (1.4501)
ASTM A182 F60, (1.4462)
Other materials
Alloy 20 ASTM B462 / UNS N08020
Monel 400 / UNS N04400 ASTM B564-N04400 / A494 M35-1 NiCu30Fe (2.4360)
Nickel Alloy 904L / UNS N08904 X1NiCrMoCu25.20.5 (1.4539)
Inconel 625 /UNS N06625 /ASTM B564-N06625 /ASTM A494-CW6MC
NiCr22Mo9Nb (2.4856)
Inconel 825 /UNS N08825 /ASTM B564-N08825 /A494 CU5MCuC (2.4858)
NiCr21Mo (2.4858)


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