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Manufacture and supply fluorine lined valves and universal valves

Fluorine-lined stainless steel/cast steel national standard gate valve

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JUGAO fluorine gate valve is a gate opening and closing parts, RAM direction of motion perpendicular to the direction of the fluid, valve can only be fully open and fully closed, can not be adjusted and the throttle.

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There are two gate sealing surface, the most common mode of gate valve sealing surface to form two wedge, wedge angle varies with the valve parameters, usually 50, medium is not high temperature is 2 ® 52*. Wedge gate valve can be made into a whole, called the rigid gate; also be made to produce small deformation of the gate, in order to improve its process, make up the sealing surface angle deviations arising during processing, this gate is called the flexible gate.

Product features

This series of products have the following characteristics:
1.The valve body adopts the structural modeling suitable for the lining process requirements; The inner cavity of valve body, valve cover and gate, outer surface of valve stem and other parts directly in contact with the medium, all lined with FEP(F46) or PCTFE(F3) and other fluorine plastics;
2. Small fluid resistance, the sealing surface by erosion Chong brush medium and small
3.Open and close more effort.
4.Media flow unrestricted, non spoiler do not reduce the pressure.
5.Form a simple structure, short length, good manufacturing process, applicable to a wide range of.
6.The medium can pass through the gate valve in any direction from both sides, which is suitable for the opening and closing device on the pipeline where the medium direction may change.
7.PFA/FEP lining, with high chemical stability, can be applied to any other strong corrosive media except "molten alkali metal and element fluorine".

Design standard GB/T12234 API600;
End-to-end dimension GB/T12221 ASME B16.10 HG/T3704 ;
Flange standard JB/T79 GB/T9113 HG/T20592 ASME B16.5/47 ;
Type of connection Flange connection
Inspection and testing GB/T13927 API598
Nominal Diameter 1/2"~14" DN15~DN350
Norminal pressure PN 0.6 ~ 1.6MPa 150Lb
Mode od driving manual, electric, pneumatic
Temperature Range PFA(-29℃~200℃) PTFE(-29℃~180℃) FEP(-29℃~150℃) GXPO(-10℃~80℃)
Applicable Medium Strong corrosive medium i.e. hydrochloric acid, Nitric acid, Hydrofluoric acid, Hydrofluoric acid, Liquid chlorine, Sulfuric Acid and Aqua regia etc.

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