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Gate valve installation method, the gate valve manufacturer

When installing the gate valve, in order to prevent foreign objects such as metal and sand from entering the gate valve and damaging the sealing surface; it is necessary to set up a filter and a flush valve. In order to keep the compressed air clean, an oil-water separator or an air filter should be installed before the gate valve. Considering that the working state of the gate valve can be checked during operation, it is necessary to set up instruments and check valves.

The gate valve manufacturer said that in order to maintain the operating temperature, thermal insulation facilities are installed outside the gate valve; for the installation behind the valve, a safety valve or a check valve needs to be set; considering the continuous operation of the gate valve, which is convenient and dangerous, a parallel system or a bypass system is set up.

1. Check the gate valve protection facilities:
One or two shut-off valves are installed before and after the check valve in order to prevent the deterioration of product quality, accidents and other adverse consequences caused by leakage or medium backflow after the check valve fails. The check valve can be easily removed and serviced if two shut-off valves are provided.

2. Implementation of safety valve protection
The shut-off valve is generally not set before and after the installation method, and can only be used in individual cases. Remind everyone that if the medium force contains solid particles, it will affect the safety valve from being locked after takeoff. Therefore, a lead-sealed gate valve should be installed before and after the safety valve. Gate and safety valves should be fully open and a DN20 check valve to atmosphere should be installed directly. Gate valve manufacturers
The gate valve manufacturer said that at normal temperature, when the medium such as slow-release wax is solid, or when the gasification temperature of light liquid and other medium is lower than 0 due to decompression, steam tracing is required. If it is a safety valve used in a corrosive medium, then according to the corrosion resistance of the gate valve, it is necessary to add a corrosion-resistant explosion-proof film at the entrance of the gate valve. Typically, gas safety valves are equipped with a bypass valve for manual venting depending on their size.

3. Protection facilities of the pressure reducing valve:
There are usually three types of installation facilities for pressure reducing valves. Pressure gauges are installed before and after the pressure reducing valve, which is convenient to observe the pressure before and after the valve. Install a fully enclosed safety valve behind the gate valve to prevent failure of the gate valve. When the pressure behind the valve exceeds normal pressure, the system behind the valve jumps. Gate valve manufacturers
The drain pipe is installed in front of the shut-off valve in front of the gate valve, and is mainly used for flushing the drainage channel. Some of them use steam traps. The bypass pipe is mainly used to close the shut-off valve, open the bypass valve, and manually adjust the flow before and after the failure of the pressure reducing valve. It can be cycled and then the relief valve repaired or replaced.

4. Protection facilities for steam traps:
The gate valve manufacturer said that there are two types of traps with and without bypass pipes, including traps with special requirements such as condensate recovery, condensate non-recovery, and drainage fees. Can be installed in parallel. Our engineers remind you that when servicing traps, do not drain condensate through the bypass line, which will allow steam to escape and return to the water system. Under normal circumstances, there is no need to install a bypass pipe, and it is only suitable for heating equipment with strict heating temperature requirements in continuous production.

Post time: Aug-24-2022